We are two best friends from Toronto and wanted to take a little risk and start a new endeavour that will challenge and make us grow in different ways. We come from different ends of the spectrum but have a synced appreciation of art and aesthetic. We thought why not start an e-Commerce brand for our Canadian peeps without the hassle of them paying an arm and a leg for customs.

We wanted to take our passion for detail, attention, and quality and curate it into our brand. That is why we decided to choose our name Nine2five. Some may think, random?! But our definition of “nine to five” is a normal and routine, therefore we wanted to take our passion and make it into an everyday lifestyle for us. Make it a norm and routine.

Nine2five apparel provides slower collective releases. We wanted to release statement pieces within our brand and give the ability to blend each of our pieces within the collection. We believe you can always mix and match with items within your closet. A more mindful way of shopping and prioritizing slow fashion.

At Nine2five apparel we try our best to reduce single use plastic and general waste as possible. Throughout the production process we consciously produce and order in low quantities to avoid mass production and to eliminate waste. We work with manufacturers that employ a small team of people within the community. They are fairly paid and working in a safe and clean environment.

Our end goal is to provide transitional pieces that allow individuals to feel confident and comfortable with themselves! 


Nine2five apparel